The Dilemma of the ongoing Progression

The question is often asked why most of the prog-acts of the past can no longer reproduce their original quality, although they are undoubtedly outstanding and professional musicians. I am of the opinion that it is by no means due to lack of ideas or to the fact that the ability to do so would have been lost.

I think the cause is more an inertia and laziness associated with increasing age, more solid social ties and associated relocations of interest.

In most cases, the artist's life has changed so much from the beginning of his life that he cannot or will no longer be able to devote himself to his art in the same extreme extent as he has done in the past, because of various constraints and other interests. It requires a kind of fanaticism work with such intensity and strong will to create an absolutely timeless and uncompromising work of art.

Above all, the willingness to continually raise a great deal of patience and to revise a already solidified compositional concept yet another time in the search for the optimal solution is certainly very difficult to maintain over decades.

On the other hand, a constant progression would ultimately mean that the Progressive Rock would continue to penetrate into atonal realms and approach the modern classical music. But then paired with the power and specific expression of rock.

Bands such as Univers Zero have already gone that way, with great artistic success, but largely without appreciation from to the general public. I am convinced, however, that on these distant shores there are immense hunting grounds for progressive spirits.